West Town’s Hottest Potato About to Plant Roots on Peoria Street

In the 14-year history of this publication, we’ve never seen a building so hated, so demonized, so despised as this one.  When 111 South Peoria was announced, you would have thought that it was announced that a pig farm was being built amid the low-rise brick condos of West Town, and everyone in the neighborhood would be required to take a turn slopping the sows.

People’s heads figuratively exploded.  They were literally spitting mad.  As in, they actually spit during a public meeting about the building.

We like to watch a good NIMBY meltdown temper-tantrum as much as the next four-year-old in the toy section at Target, but what we witnessed for the better part of a year was simply out of control.

Now we can put all of that behind us, shake hands and be friends, because construction is about to begin.  Right?


There it is, in black-and-white environmentally-friendly recycled pixels:  The summary of the building permit that gives Norcon the right to start turning Pappageorge Haymes‘ design into reality.

111 South Peoria

111 South Peoria (Courtesy of LG Development)

LG Development’s original plan for the building immediately across the street from Mary Bartelme Park was 13-stories and 205 residences.  As you can see, it’s now down to 10 stories and just 79 homes.

Is that good enough?  Probably not good enough to satisfy everyone.  Just like on the internet, there are some people who are jerks in real life, too.  People who will always imagine themselves the victim of some vast bureaucratic conspiracy and wear the albatross of a lost view around their necks, or the scarlet A of revoked real estate promise on their coats just so they have something to talk about at cocktail parties.

The fact of the matter is, digging will soon commence at this location, and in time all the anger, all the vitriol, and all the mad jumping up and down will be forgotten as another surface parking lot is elevated to a higher use.



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Location: 111 South Peoria Street, West Town


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