New Hotel Sammitch About to Rise in the South Loop

Downtown Chicago is about to get another two-in-one hotel skyscraper. This one at 1101 South Wabash Avenue — the southeast corner of Wabash and 11th Street, right behind the Best Western Grant Park Hotel.

Rendering of 1101 South Wabash.  In the fog.

Rendering of 1101 South Wabash. In the fog.

We’re a little light on details about this new project, in large part because it avoided many of the pubic paperwork filings required for other new buildings. But what we know so far starts with the construction permit issued late last week:

New foundation and superstructure permit through the 7th floor for proposed 30-story high-rise hotel development

From the paperwork asking the city for private use of the public sidewalk, we find out that the building is a Lothan Van Hook DeStefano design, with Mr. Destefano’s name on the permits. He was also present at a public forum about the new project a little over a year ago. It was there that we learned this building would be about 306 feet tall.

The LVDA paperwork filed with the Chicago Department of Business Affairs early this year make it seem like this is going to be a combo residential and hotel block, with the residential lobby on the Wabash Avenue side, next to the parking garage entrance, and the hotel lobby on the north side facing 11th Street, with retail space between the two lobbies.

In reality the “residential” portion is an extended-stay hotel, which will be branded Wabash Suites. The hotel side is going with the Hilton Suites brand. Both ends will be managed by S.B. Yen Management under the Hilton flag.

The Hilton Suites will feature 196 rooms. The Wabash Suites will have a smorgasbord of 85 studios, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom accommodations.

Rendering of 1101 South Wabash.  In the fog.

Location: 1101 South Wabash Avenue, South Loop

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