North Avenue Strip Mall to Become Hundreds of Homes

It’s a story as old as Chicago, itself: You build a bunch of stores, and people want to live near them. That’s what’s happening once again down the street from the retail nexus known as North and Clybourn. The strip mall at 609 West North Avenue (known as Father & Son Plaza) is going to be plowed under to make room for a huge new residential block.

This has happened before. It’s the reason we have the SoNo, SoNo East, and other residential towers nearby. Hopefully this time we won’t be subjected to another specious contraction for a building name, like a bunch of New York wannabes.

Diagram of 609 West North Avenue

Diagram of 609 West North Avenue

The building is oriented east-west along the CTA L tracks, and overlooks the ballfield that was once used by the dead Near North Career Metropolitan High School. That means awesome and unobstructed views of the downtown skyline for half of the people living in the new building. Assuming that the shuttered high school isn’t sold to developers with tall aspirations.

  • Address: 609 West North Avenue
  • Address: 1542 North Ogden Avenue
  • Developer: WORP 601 WNA, LLC
  • For realsies: Acosta Esgur
  • Net site area: 73,445 square feet
  • Floor area ratio: 5.0
  • Building height: 200 feet
  • Floors: 14
  • Residences: 365
  • Retail space: 30,000 square feet
  • Auto parking spaces: 188
  • Bicycle parking spaces: 188
  • Loading docks: 2

Location: 609 West North Avenue, Goose Island

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