Old Saint Pat’s Tower Powers Upward

Rendering of 625 West Adams

Rendering of 625 West Adams

Crews from Power Construction have been busting their humps for the last few months, trying to get as much of the parking garage at 625 West Adams built as they can before the dead of winter sets in.  With The Dead officially here, photographer Michael Lyons sent over some photographs showing their progress; and it’s not too shabby.

625 West Adams under construction (Courtesy of Michael Lyons)

625 West Adams under construction (Courtesy of Michael Lyons)

Concrete has already been poured up to the fifth floor of the office building occasionally known as Old Saint Pat’s Tower, and the core is a few stories beyond that.  In spite of the cold, concrete is flowing like cheap beer on a 5pm Metra train — which is to say in large quantities, but still very carefully.

The 20-story building was designed by SCB for for White Oak Realty, CA Ventures, and Old Saint Patrick’s Church.  While it progresses toward a 2018 opening, enjoy these photos that Mr. Lyons poured into our tip line.



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