Clark Junction Flyover a Go as CTA Gets Another $Billion for Red Line

One of the Chicago Transit Authority’s most notorious bottlenecks is going to finally become uncorked.  According to Crain’s Chicago Business, President Obama has approved more than a billion dollars in upgrades for the CTA’s Red Line.

Part of the money will go to reducing congestion at the L section where the Brown Line splits off from the Red and Puple Line tracks.  Red and Purple Line trains have to stop in their tracks when Brown Line trains heading north make the left turn toward Roscoe Village.  Southbound Brown Line trains also stop Purple Line trains as they merge into the CTA’s elevated north side superstructure.

View of the CTA Clark Junction (via Apple Maps)

View of the CTA Clark Junction (via Apple Maps)

With the latest dose of your tax money, the city will build a flyover bridge so that Brown Line trains can make the left turn without stopping Red and Purple trains, much like a highway exit overpass.

It’s just the latest gulp in a desperate federal funds feeding frenzy, as Chicago and its quangos suckle furiously at the teat of the federal grant beast.  Local pols are terrified that the city will be cut off by the next administration as payback for the childish and public stunts they pulled during the presidential election.

Also on tap, thanks to the latest federal cash infusion:

  • Reconstruct the Red Line Argyle Station, which was last renovated in 2012
  • Reconstruct the Red Line Berwyn Station
  • Reconstruct the Red Line Bryn Mawr Station
  • Reconstruct the Red Line Lawrence Station
  • Overhaul a mile of Red Line track, including replacing embankments and trestles that are a century old

Location: 946 West School Street, Lake View

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