The Loop’s Newest Residential Building Just About Buttoned Up

The corner of Lake and Wells is a hard place to photograph anything, especially buildings.  If the rattle and hum of the L junction above doesn’t drive you insane, everywhere you look there are steel girders, bundles of wires, and swarms of pigeons getting in your way.

So leave it to Joe Zekas at YoChicago! to find a way to show the entirety of Thomas Roszak’s Linea building going up at 215 West Lake Street.

Linea under construction (Courtesy of Joe Zekas/YoChicago!)

Linea under construction (Courtesy of Joe Zekas/YoChicago!)

He took the photograph above from the 27th floor of the Randolph Tower, on the opposite corner of the block.  You can see the glass is just about complete in the tower portion, and work is underway on the lower amenities deck.  Also note the green spandrels, and the über-modern floor-to-ceiling bay windows on all sides.  It’s a good way for everyone’s dogs to get to know each other while their owners are away at work.

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