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Chicago Exports: Goettsch Goes Big In Shenzhen

Today we continue our series of reports we call “Chicago Exports.”

So much of the world’s great architecture is designed right here in Chicago by Chicagoans, but it’s not built in Chicagoland so it goes unseen by the hometown crowd. That’s why we are featuring the great works produced by Chicago architects continuing the city’s proud legacy as the birthplace of the skyscraper, and a global center of architecture.

Friends-of-the-Blog Goettsch Partners has won the design competition for a new two-tower complex called COFCO Qianhai Asia Pacific Headquarters.

The first tower, called COFCO Asia Pacific Tower, reaches a little over 650 feet.  Its sister, the Aviva-COFCO Financial Tower, scrapes the sky at 590 feet.

Rendering of the COFCO Qianhai Asia Pacific Headquarters (Courtesy of Goettsch Partners)

Rendering of the COFCO Qianhai Asia Pacific Headquarters (Courtesy of Goettsch Partners)

The Michigan Avenue firm describes the project thusly:

The two towers are nearly twins, with each tower composed of several slender bars that step back to reveal a series of internal atria and a sky terrace in the upper zones. The tower facades are defined by large, distinct frames and bespoke curtain walls that accentuate the buildings’ verticality. Facades facing the park are slightly angled to enhance occupant views and maximize the view corridor between the two towers. The high-performance curtain walls are designed to remediate Shenzhen’s moderate tropical climate by providing external solar shading and natural ventilation, with operable windows hidden behind perforated metal panels to reduce the visual disturbance on the overall façade.

But enough with the words.  We know what you want: pictures.

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