Want to Swim in the Chicago River? Then Use Your Voice

Regional governments and quangos are coming together with a plan called Great Rivers Chicago to clean up, take back, and otherwise return the waterways of Chicagoland to recreational use.  We’ve discussed this on and off over the years as bits of the plan have been revealed.  Now it’s your turn to discuss it.

The Chicago River downtown

The Chicago River downtown

There will be a public meeting Thursday, February 16th at the Chicago Maritime Museum in Bridgeport (1200 West 35th Street) where the people in charge of putting this massive project together will take input from John Q. Swimmers like you.

The good news is this is an excuse for you to see the cool Chicago Maritime Museum.  The bad news is that if you want to attend, you can’t just show up — you’ve got to register. And you only have a week to do it.

WTTW’s Chicago Tonight did a piece about it, which you can view below.

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