Chicago Bungalow Preservationists Honored

Chicago is the birth place of the skyscraper, and dozens of architectural innovations that led up to it an improved upon it since.  But not all things “Chicago” are grand in scale.

For example, what’s more Chicago than a Chicago bungalow?  The squatty, utilitarian buildings served the city well for generations, but are slowly disappearing, or being altered beyond recognition thanks to gentrification and changes in American lifestyles.

But there is a small army of people — bungalow homeowners — who love their prairie retro slices of the American dream enough to celebrate them and preserve them for others to appreciate.

Because of this, there is a Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Bungalow Awards, presented by the Chicago Bungalow Association.  Here are this year’s winners:

  • Best Exterior Rehabilitation Project: Craig Brandt & Laurie Woolverton (West Ridge)
  • Best Interior Rehabilitation Project: Maureen Gainer Reilly (Beverly)
  • Best Interior Restoration Project: Steve & Alice Puszkiewicz (West Lawn)
  • Best Small Project: Lynn Brannigan (Forest Glen)
  • Best Green/Landscape Design Project: Brigitte Doherty (Albany Park)
  • Best Window Restoration Project: Howard Kaplan & Laurie Vassallo (Portage Park)
  • Best Sensible Addition Project: Don & Veronica Bergh (West Ridge)

For more information, winners, and photographs check out  Or enjoy a selection of before and after photographs below.

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