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Fifield and SCB’s Sinclair Over-Achieves in the Gold Coast

The most visible sign of the rejuvenation of the corner of Clark and Division Streets is the new Sinclair tower rising where a Jewel supermarket used to sprawl across half a city block.  The new SCB-designed tower includes a bigger, better Jewel in the parking podium.  Fifield’s building is also expected to have 390 apartments, ranging from modest 500-square-foot studios up to 2,400-square-foot, four-bedroom penthouses at the top.

The Sinclair under construction (Courtesy of Joe Zekas/YoChicago!)

Sill got some lumber and Quikrete left? Keep building! (Courtesy of Joe Zekas/YoChicago!)

And that top is where we’re focused today.  You see, we’ve counted several times. The UPS guy with the unfortunate timing also counted.  Even Joe Zekas at YoChicago!, who provided us with the pictures of the building, has counted — and it looks like construction crews are on the 37th floor of this 35-story building.

What kind of sorcery is this?  We tried to get some answers last week, but to date our e-mails have gone unanswered.  For now we’re working with the theory that the way you squeeze more than one 2,400-square-foot penthouse onto the 35th floor of a building is to build them like multi-story townhouses.  It’s not unusual in Chicago, but it is a little weird to stick with the lower floor number instead of including the townhomes.

The Sinclair under construction (Courtesy of Joe Zekas/YoChicago!)

The Sinclair under construction (Courtesy of Joe Zekas/YoChicago!)

Speaking of lower floors, the amenity deck which caps the parking garage is starting to come together.  You can clearly see where the building’s hot tub and kiddie pool will go, and there are sweeping curves of concrete walls which will frame the other amenities, including an outdoor grilling area for your hamburgers, and a private dog park for your hot dog.

The Sinclair under construction (Courtesy of Joe Zekas/YoChicago!)

That pink space is where the Jewel-Osco logo goes. (Courtesy of Joe Zekas/YoChicago!)

Location: 1200 North Clark Street, Gold Coast

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