Cabrini-Area Office Proposal Back and Bigger Than Before

Eleven months ago we told you about a proposal to add a little “work” to the live-work-play mix in the redevelopment of the greater Cabrini Green area of Chicago.  It was for a modest, but glassy, six-story office building designed by Piekarz Associates at 863 North Orleans Street.


Diagram of 863 North orleans by Piekarz Associatesf

Diagram of the new 863 North orleans by Piekarz Associates

Now that project is back, and all grown up — appearing in city paperwork as a full-fledged 13-story office high rise.  It’s the first new office building of size to come to the area in decades, and follows a string of office conversions and shiny new residential towers.

The number of automobile parking spaces has been cut in half from 32 to 15, while bike parking has gone from four spaces to 40.  There will be ground floor retail, and an atrium and amenity space for the office clients on the second floor.  Tenants also get access to an outdoor terrace and penthouse on the roof.  Fancy schmancy.

The exact number of floors is a little iffy.  Most of the paperwork the developers’ lawyers filed with the City of Chicago lists 13 floors.  But there’s also a line about “…twelve floors of office space, on and between the 3rd thru [sic] 13th Floors.”  Counting on our fingers and toes, we get 11 floors from 3 through 13.  If there are 12, that means 14 floors total when you include the first and second.  Perhaps there’s a mezzanine level in there somewhere.

  • Address: 859 North Orleans Street
  • Address: 863 North Orleans Street
  • Architecture firm: Piekarz Associates
  • Height: 176 feet
  • Floor area ratio: 10.0
  • Automobile parking: 15
  • Bicycle parking: 40
Rendering of 863 North orleans by Piekarz Associates

March, 2016 version of the 863 North Orleans proposal. It’s much more biglier these days.

Location: 863 North Orleans Street, Near North

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