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The Loop Loses a Crane, But Gains a Skyscraper

Seeing a crane removed from the Chicago skyline is always a bittersweet affair. We love seeing those big red and yellow (but never green or blue) zig-zaggy arms swinging to and fro, adding to the electricity of simply being downtown.

But the aerial calisthenics have to end eventually, and when they do a shiny new skyscraper appears in its place.

151 North Franklin under construction (Courtesy of Loop Spy Chris)

151 North Franklin under construction (Courtesy of Loop Spy Chris)

That’s what’s happening in the picture above, sent in by Loop Spy Chris. It shows the crane for 151 North Franklin creeping down the side of the building it helped create for the John Buck Company, while the glass is proceeding the other way. The 36-story tower was designed by John Ronan Associates, with Adamson Associates.

Eventually this shiny glass extruded squircle will be the CNA Center, replacing the current giant red steel CNA Center, which will become simply 333 South Wabash, better known to tourists as “Well, I’ll be jiggered, do you see what I see?”

Location: 151 North Franklin Street, The Loop

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