Condo Block Plotted for Erie and Sedgwick in River North

It’s hard to believe we can finally report this, but surface parking lots are becoming an endangered species in River North.

The latest slab of tar to go bye-bye will be on the northeast corner of West Erie Street and North Sedgwick Street.  The project is called Three Sixty | West. Yes, that’s a vertical pipe character in the middle of the name.  It’s only slightly more pretentious than design firms that use plus symbols in their names.

Rendering of Three Sixty | West (via Alderman Reilly's Office)

Rendering of Three Sixty | West (via Alderman Reilly’s Office)

The condo block was designed by GREC Architects for Belgravia Group, and was outed by 42nd Ward Aldermen Brendan Reilly in an e-mail to constituents.  Following the trend of larger, sometimes mixed-generational, families moving downtown, all of the condominiums on offer are three bedrooms.  The largest is a penthouse unit measuring 2,645 square feet.

Belgravia isn’t asking the city for a big zoning change from DX-5 to a Planned Development, so this project will dodge most of the city’s bureaucracy.  It does, however, have its hand out for a 1.0 Floor Area Ratio bonus, and permission to use the ground floor for parking instead of retail space.

Firehose time:

  • Address: 360 West Erie Street
  • Developer: Belgravia Group
  • Architecture firm: GREC Architects
  • Net site area: 15,736 square feet
  • Size: 121,273 square feet
  • Floors: 11
  • Height: A skosh under the zoning maximum of 130 feet (129 feet, 11½ inches)
  • Residences: 38
  • Automobile parking: 52 spaces
  • Bicycle parking: 28 spaces
  • Floor Area Ratio: 6.0 (5.0 base + 1.0 bonus)
  • Garage access: Via east-west public alley
  • Loading docks: One

Location: 360 West Erie Street, River North

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