Lucas Museum Gets Design Update, Still Not Coming to Chicago

The day after the Obama Foundation unveiled its preliminary design for the Obama Presidential Center’s Jackson Park campus, the Lucas Museum unveiled a revised vision for its Museum of Narrative Art.

While the Obama museum will eat a large chunk of public park in Chicago, the city is safe from any such incursions by the Lucas Museum because it is still being built in Los Angeles, after being forced out of Chicago by… well, let’s just not go there again.

Updated rendering of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art (via Los Angeles Department of City Planning)

Updated rendering of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art (via Los Angeles Department of City Planning)

The new Lucas design by MAD Architects, unveiled on May the Fourth, is even more spaceship-like than the one previously unveiled for L.A., and an even further departure from the swooping sails and homagic dunes from its Chicago origin.

It’s not hard to envision the project as a futuristic space ship that’s landed in a city park.  A billion-dollar space ship.

Like the Chicago plan, the Los Angeles version kills a surface parking lot.  At the same time it creates oodles of public greenspace by incorporating park on the roof.  Not just a green roof, but an actual activated public park.

Here’s the stacking:

  • Roof: Public park, exhibition space, restaurant
  • 4: Exhibition space
  • 3: Library
  • 2: Offices, classrooms
  • 1: Lobby, archive, theaters, cafe, gift shop

Construction is expected to begin in eight months.



Location: 3900 South Vermont Avenue, South Los Angeles


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