SCB’s Froman Tower To Rise on Chicago’s West Side

At this time there’s no evidence that Abe Froman, the Sausage King of Chicago, ever worked at the Fabbri Sausage factory just north of Restaurant Row.  But there’s also no evidence that he didn’t.  And because MCZ’s new residential tower that will soon replace the low-slung brick factory in West Town doesn’t have a name, we’re officially declaring 166 North Aberdeen Street the Froman Tower.

The SCB-designed building has made the transition from blueprints to city paperwork, and is ready for the series of City Hall rubber stamps that will turn it into reality.

Earlier rendering of the Froman Tower at 166 North Aberdeen Street

Earlier rendering of the Froman Tower at 166 North Aberdeen Street

The 198-foot-tall Froman Tower will have 235 residences across 18 stories.  It will also sport a two-story sky garden on the 13th floor, which is 135 feet above street level.  The building is just across the street from another MCZ project, 171 North Aberdeen.  You can name that one yourself.

  • Address: 166 North Aberdeen Street
  • Developer: MCZ
  • Architecture firm: Solomon, Cordwell, Buenz
  • Zoning: C1-2 Neighborhood Commercial District + PD 1283 → DX-5 Downtown Mixed Use → Residential PD 1283 Amended
  • Height: 198 feet
  • Floors: 20 (including mezzanine and mechanical penthouse)
  • Net site area: 54,881 square feet
  • Floor Area Ratio: 6.45 (5.0 base + 1.45 Neighborhood Opportunity Fund)
  • Neighborhood Opportunity Fund payment: $1,477,004
  • Adopt-a-Landmark Fund payment: $184,625.75
  • Local Impact Fund payment: $184,625.75
  • Residences: 235
  • Automobile parking: 80 spaces
  • Bicycle parking: 50 spaces
  • Retail space: 3,900 square feet
  • Loading docks: two




Location: 166 North Aberdeen Street, West Town

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