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465 North Park Starting to Show Her Curves

There is a point in the construction of every skyscraper where it goes from amorphous chaos of dirt and rebar and transforms into something resembling its future self.  Like when a tadpole sprouts legs and starts to look more like a frog than a ‘wog.  Or when your 12-year-old daughter puts on her first formal dress, and as a father you’re both bursting with pride, and horrified at what might come next.

465 North Park under construction (Courtesy of Streeterville Spy Joel)

465 North Park under construction (Courtesy of Streeterville Spy Joel)

That cotillion moment has arrived for 465 North Park, the still blandly-named skyscraper that’s out of the ground, and rapidly gaining both height and glass along Illinois Street in Streeterville.

As you can see in the photo that Streeterville Spy Joel dropped into our tip box, 465’s curves are starting to show, and we’re starting to really get a sense of what Pappageorge Haymes had in mind when it put this one together for MetLife, Allstate, and Jupiter Realty.

From the air it’s possible to see how the tri-lobed form could be inspired by a flower.  We’ve heard real estate agents call it a “lotus,” though an iris or even a tuberose would be more accurate.  But lotuses are trendy among the sushi-eating classes, so we’ll let them have it.

Either way, we’re anxious to see this one start to make an impact on the neighborhood.  First, in its height because it’ll be a nice, glittery, curvy addition to an area often marred by density-maximizing, street grid-hugging, sun-eaters.

465 North Park under construction (Courtesy of Streeterville Spy Joel)

465 North Park under construction (Courtesy of Streeterville Spy Joel)

And second, we’re interested to see how the port-cochere works out, as it’s supposed to actually circle underneath the building’s amenity deck.   A few thousand casino-style lights embedded in the ceiling of that entryway might be just the thing to fight back the dankness of a Chicago winter.  Or if you’re really going for the wow factor, put a glass bottom in the pool, which will be located right above where people will be coming and going.  And we all know, globally speaking, that glass-bottomed pools are even more popular these days than lotus flowers.

Location: 465 North Park Drive, Streeterville


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