Paw Prints and Crane Bits Signal Serious Work at Wolf Point East

Construction crews are wasting no time turning a dusty patch of River North into downtown Chicago’s newest enclave-in-the-sky.

Bulldozers snapped into action just days after the initial construction permits for Wolf Point East were approved late last month.  Now, two weeks into earth moving, the first segments of what looks like a crane have been delivered to the site in front of River North Point, the home of the Sun-Times and Holiday Inn.

Wolf Point East under construction (Courtesy of River North Spy Chris)

Wolf Point East under construction (Courtesy of River North Spy Chris)

River North Spy Chris caught the action on camera and tipped our line.  It’s not clear if the crane segments are part of a tower crane, or a caisson drilling rig, a crane-like apparatus for building a tower crane, or some other mischief.

The 60-story Pelli Clarke Pelli residential tower will eventually bring just short of 700 new homes to the point of the wolf, joining bKL’s Wolf Point West, the pioneer in this corner of the city.

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  1. It’s way too early to be the tower crane. Also those segments are shorter and beefier. That blue looks like Case Foundation blue.

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