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Lincoln Common Getting Drilled, Losing Retail

No one ever said that construction was a quiet trade.  And having spent too many years living next door to Chicago skyscrapers being constructed, I can say the king of all noisemakers is the caisson drill (no, not that caisson drill).

People in Lincoln Park are going to get an earful starting this week, as the big Lincoln Commons project starts caisson work on the main triangle of what used to be the Children’s Memorial Hospital campus.

Rendering of the Children's Memorial Hospital redevelopment (Courtesy of McCaffery Interests)

Rendering of The Lincoln Common (Courtesy of McCaffery Interests)

Once caisson work on the triangle is done, then it’s over to Building D for more drill-a-palooza action.

According to Hines and McCaffery Interests, it should all wrap up before the end of August.

Building D was originally supposed to be a complete five stories of retail space.  But a few months ago the developers asked, and were granted, city permission to change it to retail on the ground floor, and four stories of offices up top.

2016: Building B is retail. March, 2017: Building B is gone.

2016: Building B is retail. March, 2017: Building B is gone.

Which is a better fate than poor Building B.  This past March the 10,000 square foot retail structure found itself out of a job when it was completely erased from the Lincoln Common plans and replaced with a landscaped courtyard.  The artwork that was supposed to be on Building B will instead be a monument in a garden.



Location: 2335 and 2345 North Lincoln Avenue, Lincoln Park

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