19-Story Tower Rejected for Being Too Tall Back as 51-Story Tower

Another developer is going to try to put up a huge skyscraper in Chicago’s Fulton Market District.

Tucker Development and Related Midwest want to replace a surface parking lot with a 51-story residential skyscraper at 156 North Peoria Street.  While the area west of the West Loop has welcomed skyscrapers along the Kennedy Expressway in Greektown, anything taller than a good pole vault immediately brings out a pack of yesteryear’s loft-dwelling NIMBY terriers.

But with the character of West Town rapidly changing from urban pioneers to latter-day hipsters who will pay through the nose for views of the West Loop and the ability to ride fixies to their soft loft workspaces, this is as good a time as any for developers to take a chance building skyward before the sky gets too crowded.

The new tower, designed by New York’s Morris Adjmi Architects, with Stantec acting at local AOR, has something of a complicated footprint.  Instead of being a great big square occupying all the space bounded by North Sangamon Street, West Lake Street, North Peoria Street, and West Randolph Street, it will mostly occupy the middle of the block, leaving mostly the streetscape lined with mostly low-rise heritage architecture.  Much of it was recently rehabbed into restaurants and retail space by Tucker and others.

X marks the spot! Sorry, Dr. Jones. (base via Apple Maps)

X marks the spot! Sorry, Dr. Jones. (base via Apple Maps)

Perhaps this is the key that Tucker thinks will win approval to develop this space.  The north suburban Highland Park firm took a swing at this location last year with a 19-story building called 900 West. The group Neighbors of West Loop objected to its height back then.  We’ll see how it feels about a 270% taller proposal.

Firehose time:

  • Address: 156 North Peoria Street
  • Address: 906 West Randolph Street
  • Address: 151 North Sagnamon Street
  • Address: 913 West Lake Street
  • Developer: 900 Block II Holdings, LLC
  • For Realsies: Tucker Development
  • For Realsies: Related Midwest
  • Architecture firm: Morris Adjmi Architects
  • Architect of record: Stantec
  • Net site area: 67,658 square feet
  • Zoning: C1-1 → DX5-5 → RPD
  • Floor Area Ratio: Base: 5.0 + 3.1 bonus
  • Floors: 51
  • Roof height: 570 feet
  • Podium height: 65 feet
  • Width: 156 feet, two inches
  • Length: 180 feet, six inches
  • Residences: 300
  • Affordable housing: 30 units off-site
  • Automobile parking: 220 spaces
  • Loading docks: 2
  • Garage access: via North Peoria Street
  • Loading dock access: via North Peoria Street
  • Residential lobby access: via North Peoria Street

Location: 156 North Peoria, West Town

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