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Caterpillars Mud Wrestling at Wolf Point

There’s something to be said for a rainy autumn day in Chicago.  Something about the drizzle pattering off the pale yellow leaves of the few remaining ash trees in the city’s medians.  And the low-hanging clouds that turn the city of skyscrapers into a busy village.  And then there’s the mud.

Wolf Point East under construction (courtesy of River North Spy Chris)

Wolf Point East under construction (courtesy of River North Spy Chris)

The people at Wolf Point know about mud.  You may remember last month the hole being dug for Pelli Clarke Pelli’s East tower filled with water, all the way up to the level of the Chicago River, engulfing all of the supplies, machinery, and generators therein.

It’s almost a month later, and the place is still a muckhole. But that’s to be expected any time you build something right next to a major waterway. Especially when your 60-story tower is supposed to have an additional six levels below grade.

River North Spy Chris sent in these photos of the Walsh Construction’s Caterpillars wrestling in the mud.  It looks like any minute now they’re going to come across the wooden bones of a long-lost Viking ship.

Location: 313 West Wolf Point Plaza, River North

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