Meeting Tonight Could Determine if Spectre Looms Over West Loop

The murky waters at the corner of Green and Lake should clear later today, when real estate developer Shapack Partners unveils its latest plan for the chunk of land in the hot West Town neighborhood.

There have been several proposals for this location recently, including one approved by the city just a few years ago for a 14-story office building.

167 North Green (via Apple Maps)

167 North Green (via Apple Maps)

The most recent proposal, called “Spectre,” surfaced two months ago.  Gensler is the new designer of this building. In addition to a new name, the project increased the number of parking spaces from 50 to 100, and added a semi-sheltered public space.

Tonight’s presentation at Catalyst Ranch (656 West Randolph Street) is expected to introduce a 17-story building, with 16 floors of offices above ground floor retail, and 129 parking spaces.

Whether more parking and less height is enough to assuage local NIMBYs will come clear at the public meeting tonight at 6:00pm.

Location: 167 North Green Street, West Town

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