Sterling Bay Pencils in Three High Rises and a Movie Theater Near Fulton Market

Prolific downtown developer Sterling Bay has unveiled its plans for four parcels near the intersection of Fulton Market and Halsted Street. The outline, detailed at a public meeting Monday, includes three buildings at 19, 20, and 21 stories; plus a 40,000 square foot movie theater with stadium seating.

This answers the lingering question “What’s going to happen to the old Coyne College property?”

The Coyne building at 330 North Green will be razed to make way for the 330-foot-tall, 20-story office building with ground floor retail.

Across the train tracks at 360 North Green, we’re looking at a 21-story building, 298 feet tall.

And across the street at 333 North Green, the surface parking lot will be sacrificed to the gods of asphalt and concrete to put up a 19-story, 280-foot-tall office building.

The theater lands at 345 North Morgan Street, next to the Ace Hotel.  At just nine stories, it’s the runt of the litter, but still a respectable size for a cinema with fewer than a dozen screens.  Word from the True West Loop Facebook group is that the design will feature a terrace with skyline views.  That’s a puzzle to be figured out by the boffins at Gensler since the new nine-story building will face its equally new 20 and 21-story sisters.

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