Plans for 170 North Green Get Tweaked Again

Bridgford Foods‘ project to redevelop the northern part of the Fulton Market block bounded by Lake, Green, Randolph, and Peoria Streets has been modified once again.

Previous refinements of this building have seen it swell from 13 stories to 17 stories tall, and end up with 322 residences and 250 parking spaces.

Diagram of 170 North Green

Diagram of 170 North Green

The latest paperwork filed with the city a few days ago shows the current plan is to keep the main building’s 17-story height, through with a minor increase to 192 feet.  The secondary building is just eight stories.  The maximum number of residences shrinks to just 314.

The parking remains the same at 250 spaces, which is surprising since this building is CTA-adjacent, and the Morgan Green/Pink line station is just two blocks away.

Another curious element is the transformation of the existing curb cut for the current loading dock on North Peoria Street (the one under the giant “Bridgford Foods” sign) into a 61-foot long “people space” with an extra-wide sidewalk.

And just when you thought hipsters were becoming a thing of the past, there’s a rooftop bocce court.

Bridgford Foods deserves a big pat on the back for satisfying its 31-unit Affordable Housing obligation by including those units within the development, instead of writing a big fat check to shuffle the city’s baristas, teachers, doormen, shopgirls, and others who can’t normally afford to live downtown off to “somewhere else” where they won’t be seen.

Details in the firehose:

  • Operating address: 170 North Green
  • Address: 158-182 North Green Street
  • 833-857 West Lake Street
  • 163-185 North Peoria Street
  • Developer: Bridgford Foods
  • Architecture firm: Hartshorn Plunkard Architects
  • Net site area: 62,712 square feet
  • Zoning: C-1 Neighborhood Commercial and C3-1 Commercial, Manufacturing and Employment District → DX-5 Downtown Mixed-Use → PD1354
  • Floor area ratio: 5.0
  • Amenity deck height: 37 feet
  • Maximum building height: 210 feet
  • Mechanical penthouse height: 202 feet
  • Roof height: 192 feet
  • Maximum number of residences: 314
  • Affordable housing obligation: 31 units
  • Automobile parking: 250 spaces
  • Parking garage access via North Peoria Street
  • Bicycle parking: yes, but number of berths not specified
  • Loading docks: 2, on West Randolph Street
  • Residential entrance on North Green Street
  • Green roof: 24,169 square feet

Location: 170 North Green Street, West Town

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