West Town Development Frenzy Jumps the Tracks

Earlier this month we told you about Sterling Bay’s plan for a new office building at 360 North Green Street.  Now the paperwork has officially been submitted to the City of Chicago.

Diagram of 360 North Green Street

Diagram of 360 North Green Street

In one way, the location makes perfect sense, as it is an extension of the massive land rush transforming West Town into Chicagoland’s leading tech hub.  (Would the last meat packer in the neighborhood please turn out the lights before going to cash your check?)  But in another way, it has a few oddities.

First, it’s on the other side of the Amtrak tracks that connect Union Station to the suburbs, Milwaukee, and eventually Seattle.  Sure, even though Peoria Street is split in two at this point, there’s still plenty of access across Green Street on the other side of the building.  But ask anyone living at the Riverbend condominiums if having a triple set of train tracks running through your front yard is a problem, and you’ll probably get a different answer.

As a point of interest, that three-block-long stretch of unkempt shrubbery running along the tracks from this location at Green Street all the way out to Morgan Street is part of this property.  It’s not listed for development in any way, but it makes the property map look like a frenched lamp chop.

Regardless, San Francisco’s Gensler was hired to put together a building for this block, and the result is a 21-story organized as a pair of adjacent vertical planes, with one superseding the other.  Like books on a shelf, or one person helping another navigate the snowy Green Street rail crossing.

  • Operating address: 360 North Green Street
  • Address: 352-372 North Green Street
  • Address: 833-857 West Kinzie Street
  • Address: 357-373 North Peoria Street
  • Address: 358-360 North Peoria Street
  • Address: 362 North Sangamon Street
  • Address: 363 North Sangamon Street
  • Address: 363 North Morgan Street
  • Developer: Green Kinzie, LLC
  • For realsies: Sterling Bay
  • Architecture firm: Gensler
  • Net site area: 61,900 square feet
  • Floor area ratio: 8.1 (5.0 base + 3.1 bonus)
  • Maximum height: 298 feet
  • Roof height: 256 feet
  • Setback at 21st floor
  • Retail space: 17,674 square feet
  • Automobile parking: 256 spaces
  • Garage access: via West Kinzie Street
  • Loading docks: 3
  • Office entrance: via West Kinzie Street
  • Green roof: 15,415 square feet

Location: 360 North Green Street, West Town

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