2018 Begins With a Flock of Cranes in Chicago’s Skyline

You may have seen it on New Year’s Eve, while standing out on the snow-packed sidewalk, sipping the last 312 from the emergency stash on the back porch, gazing up at the illegal neighborhood fireworks display and thinking that for one moment all is right with the world.  It’s the cranes in the sky over the city of Chicago.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who last year outed himself as a fan of construction cranes, noted in his Twitter account that in 2017 that 62 tower cranes operated in the City of Chicago.  That’s up from a Great Recession low of 12 not that many years ago.

In some circles, cranes in the air are seen as one measure of a city’s economic vitality.  Though cities like Seattle and New York beat our 62 mark, it’s still none too shabby a number.

Hizzonor included a video with his tweet showing various cranes around town. But the person who made the video doesn’t know the difference between a tower crane and a window washing hoist, so we’ll go with our own gallery of recent Chicago crane photos, courtesy of Loop Spy Greg.  Enjoy.


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