Another Residential Tower Coming to the Loop

Yet another residential tower is going to dip its beak into the stream of people coming to live in The Loop.

50 East Randolph Street parking garage (via Apple Maps)

50 East Randolph Street parking garage (via Apple Maps)

This latest proposal, reported in Crain’s Chicago Business, would see a parking garage on the northeast corner of Randolph Street and Wabash Avenue razed to make way for a 27-story skyscraper.

The project at 50 East Randolph Street by Thomas Roszak is on the same block where another parking garage bit the dust to make way for another residential tower.  That was the 42-story 72 East Lake, which went up in 2014.  Across the street from that, Linea at 215 West Lake opened last year, again demonstrating that people are eager to live in this slice of Chicago.

What the new Randolph Street building will look like and big it will be remain undetermined.  It’s still a work in progress.  But an educated guess puts it at about 35 to 40 stories.  We’ll see what happens.

Location: 50 East Randolph Street, The Loop

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