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Wolf Point: Here Comes the Crane Again

It’s still the dead of winter in Chicago, but the next thing you know, daffodils will be shoving their yellow heads out of the dirt in Lincoln Park. Before that happens, a big yellow crane is going to rise from the dirt at Wolf Point.

Wolf Point East under construction (Courtesy of River North Spy Chris)

Wolf Point East under construction (Courtesy of River North Spy Chris)

River North Spy Chris slid the photo above into our tip line.  It shows a piece of a tower crane being delivered to the site of what will soon be Wolf Point East (313 West Wolf Point Plaza/326 North Orleans Street).  WPE is one of three towers that will eventually fill out Wolf Point.  bKL’s Wolf Point West is already completed.  The photo from Chris shows Pelli Clarke Pelli’s Wolf Point East underway.  Wolf Point South, by the same firm, will be the third and final tower in the trio.

The east tower will eventually rise to a height of 668 feet with 60 floors above ground, six floors below ground, and just short of 700 apartments.  It is expected to be completed next year.

Location: 313 West Wolf Point Plaza, River North

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