Is Lucien Lagrange The Hand Behind a New Gold Coast Skyscraper?

Skyscraper nerds are clucking about a rendering of a new skyscraper that made the rounds of the internet over the weekend.   And if you love Lucien Lagrange, this one is right up your cobblestone alley.

Rendering of a building at Oak and Dearborn that may or may not be Lucien Lagrange's handiwork.

Rendering of a building at Oak and Dearborn that may or may not be Lucien Lagrange’s handiwork.

The image shows 30-story tower at 1000 North Dearborn Street (or 70 West Oak, your choice), the northwest corner of West Oak and North Dearborn.  If you’ve ever been shuffled out the back door of the Newberry Library, you’ll recognize it as the parking garage for the Warren Bar Pavilion.

The lot is currently zoned C2-5 Motor Vehicle-Related Commercial District.  Which sounds like an auto dealership, but really means something closer to “ground floor retail, with apartments up top.”  Which is just what this property needs, since word on the street is that it’s supposed to have 74 residences over 161 parking spaces.

Looking at the image, it the building appears to have 34 floors, assuming that the ground floor is double-height.  But then again, we’re about six months overdue for a return visit to Lenscrafters.

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat contacted Lagrange’s office and asked about the picture.  The response was, “That’s something we can’t talk about now.”  Which is de rigueur for architects.



Location: 1000 North Dearborn, Gold Coast

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