John Hancock Center Latest Name to be Erased from Chicago’s Lexicon

Chicago’s venerable John Hancock Center is the latest name to be thrown on the city’s rubbish pile of the past.

The John Hancock Center, former home of this publication.

The John Hancock Center, former home of this publication.

It joins The Sears Tower, The Amoco Building, Marshall Field’s and other beloved brand names that have been eschewed in recent history.  Strangely, instead of this being a case of big business scrambling to wring every precious dollar from their properties in order to satiate faceless institutional investors, it was actually the Boston insurance company that requested its name be removed from the iconic tower.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the building will go by its street address of 875 North Michigan Avenue until a company with deep pockets and soaring ego pays to have its name added to the building.

The name change isn’t entirely unexpected.  For the last couple of years, we’ve been reporting on speculation that the Hancock name would go, since the insurance company hasn’t had offices in the 100-story building in years.

While you reach for your heart pills, here’s a list of other Chicago names that have disappeared in recent memory.  I bet some of you can think of more.

  • Sears Tower
  • Amoco Building
  • Marshall Field’s
  • Goldblatt’s Department Store
  • Red Streak tabloid
  • Ed Debevic’s
  • Eli’s Steakhouse
  • Eli’s Stage deli
  • Dominick’s supermarkets
  • The Fair department store
  • Bond’s department store
  • Midway Airlines
  • Chicago Airlines
  • First Chicago Bank
  • LaSalle Bank
  • Comiskey Park
  • White Hen Pantry
  • Daley Bicentannial Plaza



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