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Walsh Construction Builds Ultimate Parkour Course at Wolf Point East

When I was a kid, we would have called what’s going on over at Wolf Point East a “jungle gym.”  And my sister would promptly fall off of it, break her arm, and drive her lower teeth through her bottom lip because it was the 1970’s and soft hadn’t been invented yet.

Wolf Point East under construction (Courtesy of River North Spy Chris)

Wolf Point East under construction (Courtesy of River North Spy Chris)

But this is the new millennium, and those millennium Millennials would probably call the weave of metal struts, risers, and other things I don’t have the vocabulary for “the ultimate parkour course.”

The photos of what will eventually be the below-grade levels of Wolf Point East were sent in by River North Spy Chris.  At first glance, it seems pretty pedestrian.  But if you look closely, you’ll see tiny people and really get an appreciation for the scale of what’s going on down in the gravel-topped muck.

You’ll also see forms and rebar being assembled for the first concrete walls and elevator cores of what will eventually be Pelli Clarke Pelli’s 668-foot-tall residential tower.

It’s all so exciting, so enjoy Chris’ photos thoroughly!


Location: 313 West Wolf Point Plaza, River North

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