110 North Wacker is Dead. Long Live 110 North Wacker.

If you ever wanted to take a really good picture of 123 North Wacker Drive, now’s your chance.

Also, if you ever wanted to take any picture at all of the old General Growth Building, you’re out of luck.

110 North Wacker is dead.  Long live 110 North Wacker. (Courtesy of Loop Spy Chris)

110 North Wacker is dead. Long live 110 North Wacker. (Courtesy of Loop Spy Chris)

As you can see in the photograph above, sent in by Loop Spy Chris, the General Growth Building at 110 North Wacker Drive is gone.  From the feedback we’ve heard, most people are OK with seeing GGP’s old mid-century modern office slab bite the dust.  Excavators, dump trucks, and barges are now removing its rubble so that a new skyscraper can rise in its place: 110 North Wacker.

110 (Its friends call it 110) will be a 51-story office tower designed by Goettsch Partners.  Though what we’re getting is more blocky and less setback-a-riffic than its original design, it still maintains the interesting riverwalk plaza that meanders under the building’s east end, behind a three sets of triple supports.  We predict it’s one of those scenes that boat tourists will take a lot of pictures of.

Rendering of 110 North Wacker

Are those stilts lining your riverwalk, or are you just happy to see me?

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