We’ll Soon See Michigan Avenue’s Huge New Skyscraper

Remember a few months ago when Alderman Reilly knocked over a pot of beans about the new skyscraper coming to Michigan Avenue?  Back then, all we knew was that the planned building could be as much as 1,388 feet tall, making it the third-tallest in Chicago.  And at the time, we put together a graphic illustrating what a skyscraper that tall might look like rising out of the Tribune Tower’s parking lot:

What a 1,388-foot-tall skyscraper might look like in the Tribune Tower's parking lot. (ChicagoArchitecture.org illustration on Apple Maps base)

What a 1,388-foot-tall skyscraper might look like in the Tribune Tower’s parking lot. (ChicagoArchitecture.org illustration on Apple Maps base)

We also predicted that the next crumb of news about this project would come in April.  Well, it’s April, and in the parlance of our times, “Nailed it!”

Neighborhood group SOAR has called a public meeting specifically for further bean spillage about the massive new tower.  We’ll finally find out what the 42nd ward alderman was on about.

The meeting is scheduled for one week from today — April 16, 2018 at 6pm.  Alderman Reilly will be there, along with reps from Golub and CIM Group who are putting up this puppy.  SOAR is expecting lots of people, as it’s reserved both ballroom nine and ballroom ten at the Sheraton on East North Water Street for the presentation.

Also part of the discussion will be the transformation of the Tribune Tower from landmark historic beacon of free press and media into luxury residences.

But the big question is how exactly CIM expects to wedge a 1,388-foot-tall building into the available space, while not running afoul of BANANAS neighbors and navigating city ordinances.  With a little luck, Chicago could get its first pencil-scraper.


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