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New Downtown Townhomes Look Pretty Snazzy

Remember those townhouses we told you about back in 2015 that were going to fill in the hole at the corner of Clark and Chestnut?  If you haven’t been by to gape recently, they look pretty darned snazzy.

111 West Chestnut townhouses (Courtesy of Near North Spy Joel)

111 West Chestnut townhouses (Courtesy of Near North Spy Joel)

Of course, we’re big skyscraper fans.  But you can’t see the skyscrapers if there’s nothing but skyscrapers to see.  Mixing up the land use pattern creates nice view corridors, and this cluster of high-rent, low-denskty housing designed by Booth Hansen isn’t a bad way to do it.

The photograph above is from Near North Spy Joel, and you can see the stonework is being put on the facades already.  It gives the corner a classy look.  And it better.  When we last reported on this three years ago, rents were estimated at $15,000 a month.  Now in 2018, it wouldn’t be surprising if the price was even higher.


Location: 111 West Chestnut Street, Near North

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