Construction Update
Digging Deep for a 51-Story Wacker Drive Skyscraper

It’s been a short while since the former GGP Building at 110 North Wacker Drive bit the dust.  Now that the dust has been removed, construction crews are getting down to business. Way down.  Like two stories below ground.

110 North Wacker under construction (Courtesy of Loop Spy Chris)

110 North Wacker under construction (Courtesy of Loop Spy Chris)

As you can see in the photograph above sent in by Loop Spy Chris, crews are already below the level of Lower Wacker Drive, so we should see caissons being build fairly soon.

When complete, the new Goettsch Partners-designed 110 North Wacker will be a 51-story office tower that also adds another link to Chicago’s downtown riverwalk system.

110 North Wacker under construction (Courtesy of Loop Spy Chris)

110 North Wacker under construction (Courtesy of Loop Spy Chris)

Location: 110 North Wacker Drive, The Loop


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  1. Inside tip! I was peering deep down about two weeks ago and a guy in construction yellow came by. Said they’re going to be starting in about four months. I didn’t take the opportunity to ask more about why the long wait. Maybe that was for actual foundation/structure construction and not just the caissons? There could also be a lot of junk they need to remove from the ground. I know the N Riverside construction spent a lot of time early on pulling up wood piles from buildings past.

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  2. This construction project is the highlight of my commute. I understood the concepts of everything they have been doing until now. After months of boring the equipment is gone and new contractors are in. Clearly the next phase of the project. But all of the caissons are gone, except for 3 – 4.

    1. Did you really remove the metal tubes or do they remain in the ground?
    2. I look forward to seeing how you attach the foundation to the caissons… they seem to have vanished. Anywhere to find an explanation?



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