No Need To Worry About That $175 Million Bill For Obama Center Roadwork

Just when you thought the State of Illinois didn’t have two spare pennies to rub together, Springfield is sending a big fat gym bag full of cash to the Windy City to help make its former hometown President’s project a reality.

Rendering of the Obama Presidential Center promenade (Courtesy of the Obama Foundation)

Rendering of the Obama Presidential Center promenade (Courtesy of the Obama Foundation)

The state, which was named America’s Most Messed Up State by CNN Money, is sending Chicago a $180 million grant from the road fund to pay for infrastructure projects.  97% of those tax dollars will be used for roadwork related to the new Obama Presidential Center, according to the Sun-Times.

The Center will eat eight acres of Chicago public streets, including parts of Cornell and Marquette Drives.

At this point, the project appears to be a fait accompli, with just a few perfunctory federal hoops to jump through before construction can begin. The center is expected to have a $2 billion impact on Chicago’s south side.  The Obama Foundation hopes to break ground later this year, and have the project completed by 2021.

Location: 6225 South Stony Island Avenue, East Hyde Park


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