If You Believe in Chicago, Rahm Has a Bridge to Sell You — No, Really

How Chicago are you?

Sure, you’ve got a game ball you caught in the cheap seats at Wrigley Field.  Yes, you have all 5,600 Studs Terkel WFMT recordings on your iPod .  You even have the CTA map shower curtain.  But do you have a Chicago bridge of your very own?

Loop North News reports that the city is going to part with one of its most traveled bridges: The Chicago Avenue bridge.

Care and feeding instructions available upon request. (Via Apple Maps)

Care and feeding instructions available upon request. (Via Apple Maps)

The best part is that this unique piece of city memorabilia can be yours for the low low price of zero.  All you have to do is haul it away, take care of it, and “assume all financial responsibility.”  What could possibly go wrong?

If you don’t bring this puppy home, it’s curtains: The city will just tear the thing down.  It’s in line to be replaced with a boring, regular, non-moving bridge suitable for Anytown, USA.

Let’s fact facts: People love bridges.  And most cities have an iconic bridge or two.  Now your backyard can compete with the likes of Tokyo, Istanbul and Lake Havasau, Arizona by hosting the 106-year-old Chicago Avenue Bridge.

But don’t wait!  The city needs to hear from you in the next three weeks.

If only someone with deep pockets and a love of Chicago would come to the rescue.  Perhaps someone who works next door.


Location: Chicago Avenue at Chicago River, River North

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