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It’s Starting to Look a Little Like London in Chicago’s Near North

We love Chicago skyscrapers.  Who doesn’t?  But too many skyscrapers can make a city look like a mess.  Walking down the streets of Hong Kong, you can’t appreciate the architecture because you can’t see it towering above you.

Chicago, on the other hand, is a variety pack of architecture styles and sizes.  Even the new construction.  Take, for example, the Chestnut Row Homes in the Near North neighborhood.

The Chestnut Row Homes under construction (Courtesy of Gold Coast Spy Joel)

The Chestnut Row Homes under construction (Courtesy of Near North Spy Joel)

The photograph above was sent in by Near North Spy Joel.  It shows the townhouses are coming along nicely, and as he puts it, it’s like a bit of “Jolly old England at Clark and Chestnut.”

But this cluster of rental townhouses holds a secret.  Behind the apparently uniform facade are a number of courtyards.  One big one, shared; and a several smaller, private ones.

Rendering of the Chestnut Row Houses (via

Rendering of the Chestnut Row Houses (via

I the rendering above, you can see that they all face inward, toward the new LDS chapel at 822 North Clark.  With that much padding, it’s going to be one of the quietest, most private outdoor spaces in the neighborhood.

If you’re not into sharing, you can stay inside your own townhome.  The Chestnut Rowhomes start at $13,500/month for 4,380 square feet.  That’s four times the size of the average new rental apartment, and almost double the size of the average single-family detached house with a two-car garage built in America in 2017.

Location: 111 West Chestnut Street, Near North

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