More Residential Development Coming to the Heart of Chicago’s Gold Coast

The ever-changing face of Chicago’s Viagra Triangle district is changing once again.

Once known for seedy strip clubs, then more respectable clubs, then trendy night clubs and restaurants, it is slowly becoming a place where people want to stay for more than a few hours.

Earlier this year, the Viceroy Hotel opened its doors inside the skin of what was the old Hotel Cedar.  A couple of years earlier, the old Sutton Place Hotel was transformed into the Thompson Chicago.  And in 2016, the SCB-designed 4 East Elm residential tower started welcoming residents.

1045 North Rush in June of 2017 (via Google Streetview)

1045 North Rush in June of 2017 (via Google Streetview)

Now another residential option appears to be on the way.  42nd Ward Alderman Brendan Reilly has asked the city’s zoning committee to change the zoning at 1045 North Rush Street from DX-7 Mixed Use District to DR-3 Downtown Residential District.

If you’re trying to picture it, 1045 is the commercial property next door to Carmine’s restaurant.  Mid-America Group has been promoting the space as one of Chicago’s premiere retail spaces.  But the Reilly request could be an indication of a change in plans for the site.

The big question is if the behind-the-scenes plan is to combine 1045 with Carmine’s at 1037 and put up a new residential tower.  Carmine’s has been in play since at least 2012 according to Crain’s Chicago Business,  but it’s also been tied up in court.


Location: 1045 North Rush Street, Gold Coast

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