Fulton Market Tower Returns Smaller, Bigger, and With a Change of Purpose

The new tower that Dallas real estate developer Trammel Crow wants to build in Chicago’s Fulton Market District is back on the front burner, but at a reduced boil.

The original plan, which we detailed in 2016, called for 18 floors in a 198-foot-tall building.  The new plan filed with the city cuts the building down to just 13 stories, but with a height of 207 feet.  What kind of sorcery is this?

1367-1377 West Fulton designs

1367-1377 West Fulton designs

The new design by Minneapolis’ ESG Architects increases the floor height from an average of 9¾  feet to an average of 14¾  feet.  Such a dramatic change is reflective of the building’s new purpose.  It’s gone from residential to office.

Last time around, this building faced only mild opposition.  There was some concern about its height, and that it perhaps a hundred feet should be trimmed off so it’s not  taller than the Google building.  Other concerns, like parking, traffic, and lighting, are more easily addressed.

  • Address: 1367-1377 West Fulton Market
  • Address: 213-233 North Ogden Avenue
  • Developer: Trammell Crow
  • Architecture firm: ESG Architects
  • Net site area: 38,818 square feet
  • Floor space: 315,333 square feet
  • Zoning: M2-3 Light Industry → DX-5 Downtown Mixed Use → Business Planned Development
  • Floor area ratio: 8.1 (5.0 base + 3.1 bonus)
  • Terrace: 7,095 square feet on the 9th floor, facing west
  • Terrace: 462 square feet on the 9th floor, facing south
  • Outdoor patio: 7,277 square feet on the penthouse level, facing southeast
  • Automobile parking: 116 spaces
  • Loading docks: 2
  • Loading dock access: via north-south alley to the east of building

Location: 1367 West Fulton Market, West Town

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