One Final Look Inside Noble Square’s Saint Boniface Church

For close to a decade we’ve been telling you about the saga of Saint Boniface Church in Noble Square.  Completed in 1904, shuttered in 1990, since then it’s watched both its convent and school fall to the wrecking ball.

Over the years, there has been lots of talk about turning the building into something more than it currently is, and in the last few years that notion gained steam with Stas Development’s plan to turn the church into a condominium complex.

Seventeen homes would be built inside the church, and another 24 in a new adjacent building.  One week ago, Chicago city council gave its final blessing on a nearly unanimous vote (Alderman Burnett recused himself).  Now the church conversion can proceed.

Sensing a slice of public history about to be lost, urban explorer Michael Kinsch spent the last three months photographing the architecture of Saint Boniface, from its windows to its graffiti to its magnificently frescoed dome.

Below is a selection of his work at Saint B’s.  You can view more of his abandoned building explorations on Instagram as @mikeman902.  Keep an eye out for the giant porcelain autopsy table.

Location: 1340 West Chestnut Street, Noble Square

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