Survey: Lincoln Yards Neighbors Want More Roads, Bridges, Transit

As the enormous Lincoln Yards master plan from Sterling Bay trudges through step two of a nine-step approval process, neighbors have been given a chance to weigh in via the interwebs.

Rendering of Lincoln Yards (via Office of Alderman Brian Hopkins)

It’s August.  That’s why we’re using the rendering with the snowman.  (via Office of Alderman Brian Hopkins)

Second Ward Alderman Brian Hopkins published the results of an online poll about the project which will bring up to 5,000 new residences, an extension of The 606, and an as-yet-to-be-determined amount of office and hotel space to the Goose Island area.

We’ve been watching too much BUZZR on the ol’ satellite dish lately, so we’ll bring you a list of what people seem to care the most about by channeling Richard Dawson.  SURVEY SAYS!

Snapshot of the Lincoln Yards August survey


As you can see, transportation and infrastructure is top-of-mind for most of the 443 people who answered the alderman’s survey. After that, they want parks parks parks, which other reportage indicates is also a sticking point for local neighborhood groups.

The big features promoted by the developers — the new soccer stadium, $4.2 billion in annual economic activity, and 23,000 new jobs — got a digital sigh and a yawn.

Other highlights include:

  • About half of the people who responded were members of a neighborhood group (46%)
  • About 40% of the respondents saw the developer’s presentation, either in person (24%), or online video (16%)
  • About 40% of the respondents had a favorable opinion of the Lincoln Yards plan
  • About 38% of the respondents didn’t like the Lincoln Yards plan
  • Eighty-six percent think parks and community space are important.
  • The number of people who don’t think parks and community space are important is a rounding error

If you want to look at all of the survey results yourself, you can do that through this linky.

And if you want to refresh your memory about exactly what is being proposed at Lincoln Yards, follow this one.

Location: 1401 West Cortland Street, Goose Island

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