Another Downtown Chicago Building Lights Up the Night

There are lots of ways to add a dash of visual Tabasco sauce to a building.  You can let an artist go to town on it, like the University Center at 525 South State Street.  You can use metal patterns on the facade, like the Marquee Apartments at Block37.  Or you can simply stand back and light up the existing building in patterns of light, like The Willis Tower, The Goodman Center, The Merchandise Mart, and now 24 South Morgan Street.

Twenty-four South Morgan has something of a difficult past, but we won’t get into that here.  If you’re curious, hit this link for the blow-by-blow.  Today, it is a Near West Side apartment property with all the features you’d expect from a contemporary residential building a half-block off Madison Street.

But what makes this building a little special is the exterior light show.  Near West Spy Randall sent in the video below, showing how the facade was bathed in a color-cycling light show just a few nights ago.

It’s not the first downtown building to put on such a display.  444 North Michigan has one that is very similar.  But 444 is much smaller, and far more subtle.  You only really notice it if you happen to be the only person on the Magnificent Mile at 3am, standing at the Illinois Street pedestrian crossing in the snow, waiting for the signal to change, like a good Midwesterner.

444 has been coloring the Mag Mile for many years now, but 24 South Morgan is being a little more tentative.  The light show wasn’t operating over the weekend, so it may be in the testing phase.  Hopefully it wasn’t just for a one-off special event, and this corner of returns to its black-and-white past.

Location: 24 South Morgan Street, Near West Side

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