Chicago’s Christmas Present? A 1,011+ Foot Tall Skyscraper

If you want to get the skyscraper nerd in your life a present, erecting the sixth-tallest building in Chicago isn’t a bad place to start.

Rendering of One Chicago Square

Rendering of One Chicago Square

That’s the red ribbon box developers are giving the city, according to Crain’s Chicago Business. The publication reports that construction on One Chicago Square is expected to start in January 2019.

This date is mentioned in a larger article about how Sterling Bay has joined JDL Development to put up the residential complex which features 76-story, and 45-story residential towers.  The article also states that financing is almost in place, which works with JDL paperwork we’ve seen indicating that it expects to get a construction permit in the fourth quarter of this year.  Which we’re almost in the middle of.

Strangely, the developers have chosen to use the address 740 North State Street, instead of the perfectly available 1 West Chicago Avenue.  One West Chicago Avenue?  One Chicago Square?  Seems like a no-brainer to those of us accused of having no brains.

The full height of the towers isn’t exactly clear, either.  The roof slab will be at 1,011 feet for the taller tower, and 654 feet for the lesser one.  But the facades of both towers will continue beyond that mark, presumably to hide rooftop equipment.

If One Chicago gets off the ground, as everyone seems to expect, here’s how it will rank:

  1. Willis Tower – 1,450 feet (1,730 with antennae)
  2. Trump International Hotel and Tower – 1,171 feet (1,389 with spire)
  3. Vista Tower – 1,195 feet
  4. Aon Center – 1,136 feet
  5. 875 North Michigan – 1,128 feet (1,500 with antennae)
  6. One Chicago Square – 1,011+ feet
  7. The Franklin – 886 feet (1,007 with spires)
  8. Two Prudential Plaza – 915 feet (995 feet with spire)
  9. NEMA – 893 feet
  10. 900 North Michigan – 871 feet

One Chicago Square will bring up to 869 new homes to this corner of just barely the Gold Coast, along with 865 parking spaces.

That 869 figure doesn’t include 22 affordable apartments it’s going to pay to have rehabbed at the historic Lawson House S.R.O. across the street.  The developers are also making an $11,375,000 payment to the Affordable Housing Opportunity Fund.

Location: 740 North State Street, Gold Coast

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