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Small Apartments Making Big Progress on Clark Street

The 800 block of North Clark Street seems like it’s been under construction since cows trotted along the LaSalle Street cattle path in The Loop.

First it was the Bush Temple of Music at number 800 being renovated into apartments.  Then it was the LDS building being erected at number 816.  Now things are popping at 810 North Clark, where a mid-rise apartment building is going in from the same people who brought us the revamped Bush Temple.

810 North Clark under construction (Courtesy of Near North Spy Joel)

810 North Clark under construction (Courtesy of Near North Spy Joel)

810 is a Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture design of 16 stories, with 129 residences inked for Cedar Street Companies.  Near North Spy Joel sent in the photo above, where you can see the building is starting to climb skyward between the windowless wall of the Bush Temple and the windowless wall on the other side, which is technically not a Mormon temple, just a meeting house.

800 and 810 will be besties, with connecting lobbies and a shared pool and amenity deck.

Location: 810 North Clark Street, Near North Side

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