What’s Ahead in 2019, According to Taris Real Estate’s Patrick Buck

2019 is fully underway, just six weeks after you finally stopped putting “2017” on that one check you still have to write each month.  The news channels are full of people predicting things good and bad for the next 364 days, so we asked Patrick Buck, managing director of Taris Real Estate what he thinks lies head.

Peter Buck, Managing director of Taris Real Estate

Peter Buck, Managing director of Taris Real Estate

Mr. Buck sees six key things happening in 2019:

  • Condos come back in a big way
  • Federal Reserve lowers interest rates
  • Vista tower sells out
  • Preckwinkle is the next mayor of Chicago
  • Google puts a second headquarters in Chicago
  • Trump resigns

You may remember Taris from projects like the recently completed 900 West, and Beacon Place up in Lake Forest.  But you may not know that it reaches into retail property in England, and condos in the Czech Republic.

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