A Look Into 2019 With Wight & Company’s Kevin Havens

2019 is now fully underway, whether we like it or not.  So to prepare for the year ahead, we asked a selection of Chicago architects, politicians, and real estate types for their predictions are for the next 12 months.

Kevin Havens, executive vice president and director of design at Wight & Company

Kevin Havens, executive vice president and director of design at Wight & Company

Here’s the vision from Kevin Havens, the executive vice president and director of design at Wight & Company in his own words:

  • Spaces for learning and the workplace environment will continue to converge with regard to configuration, furnishings, and technologies. The many ways in which we learn will inform effective styles of work, and the spectrum of ways in which we work most productively will inform the spaces in which we learn.
  • Increasing pressure on client budgets and schedules will shift projects toward blended delivery of design and construction services. Traditional linear project delivery methods will give way to a superior matrix of integrated design and construction.
  • Design visualization technologies will be increasingly demanded by both clients and industry partners. The use of both virtual and augmented reality tools will shift beyond the presentation of solutions to clients and be increasingly utilized by trades for construction implementation in the field.
  • Drones will become commonplace tools on all construction projects, taking measurements, photographs, and making repetitive material deliveries to tradesmen. Drone piloting will become a hot new career pursuit in the construction industry.
  • Imagination, not technology, will power the next decade of design innovation.

You may remember Wight & Company from the Ravinia dining pavilion, the restoration of the Tiffany dome at the Chicago Cultural Center, or the fieldhouse at Ping Tom Park in Chinatown.

Ravinia Dining Pavilion (Courtesy of Wight & Company)

Ravinia Dining Pavilion (Courtesy of Wight & Company)


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