Cleveland Company Gets Local Help to Put Up a Tower Along 290

It’s been almost five years since we first told you about plans for another residential tower along the Eisenhower Expressway.

Back then 1061 West Van Buren was going to be the first project in Chicago from Cleveland’s Pizzuti Companies.  At the time, our Bill Motchan reported:

Most of the new or rehabbed buildings on West Van Buren top off at nine stories. The Pizzuti development would definitely break that trend. It will have 16 units per floor, and cater to customers who want a nice apartment but can’t afford the upward spiraling costs of West Loop condominiums.

But that was way back when 2014 was still a toddler.  Now we’re fresh into 2019, and the plan has changed.

January 2019 diagram of 1061 West Van Buren

January 2019 diagram of 1061 West Van Buren

Now the building is going to be 26 stories tall, with a maximum of 351 new homes.  It will erase the stub of South Aberdeen Street that runs southward from West Van Buren Street, adding 6,605 square feet of public space to this private project.

You can tell that this is Pizzuti’s first building in Chicago because it’s left out the mandatory oversized, soul-sucking, neighborhood-killing parking podium that has become standard in Chicago architecture.  There is a modest podium, but it’s mostly harmless.

In another unusual move, the developers have requested a change in zoning so that this property’s Planned Development will be merged with PD 867 next door.

The biggest change is actually behind the scenes, where Related Midwest is now part of the team that will make this building a reality.

  • Address: 1061 West Van Buren Street
  • Developer: 1061 Van Buren LLC
  • For realsies: Pizzuti Companies and Related Midwest
  • Architecture firm: STL Architects
  • Size: 29,028 square feet
  • Floors: 26
  • Maximum height: exactly 300 feet
  • Height to roof: 280 feet
  • Length: 301 feet, four inches
  • Width: 91 feet, three inches
  • Maximum floor area ratio: 10.15
  • Maximum number of residences: 351
  • Maximum number of automobile parking spaces: 69
  • Loading docks: 2

Location: 1061 West Van Buren Street, Near West Side

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