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110 North Wacker: From Blueprints To Steel

When Goettsch Partners revealed its design for 110 North Wacker, it included interesting feature: A series of three V-shaped structures along the Chicago River.

These elements are designed to help support the fifty-something stories of skyscraper above them, as the Howard Hughes and Riverside Investment and Development project hangs over a new section of riverwalk it will bring to the city.

If you have trouble visualizing how that’s supposed to work, we’ve put together a little animation showing the diagram filed with the City of Chicago, the rendering from Goettsch, and the steel in situ, as photographed by Loop Spy Chris.

It’s interesting to see how the original plan is being realized right before the eyes of a hundred thousand commuters a day. It’ll be even more interesting to see the finished product, since architectural renderings tend to be only six degrees of Kevin Bacon related to the finished product.

For you heavy steel junkies, check out the rest of Chris’ recent photos of 110 North Wacker below.

Location: 110 North Wacker Drive, The Loop

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