Grant Park Skyscraper Courting Overseas Buyers

If you think that Chicago’s high rise condo buildings don’t have the allure for international buyers that buildings in Miami, London, and Dubai do, you might be wrong.

Rendering of 1000M (Courtesy of Time Equities)
Rendering of 1000M (Courtesy of Time Equities)

The developers of 1000M (1000 South Michigan Avenue) have designated the 133 condominiums on floors 41 through 47 the “International Collection.” They appear to be smaller units, running from 325 (!) square foot studios up to three bedroom units in a mere 825 square feet.

That may seem miniscule to you and me, but if you’re a frequent international traveler, this might be just the pied-à-terre you’re looking for when “terre” is Chicago, and your pied isn’t going to stay very long.

1000M International Collection interior (Courtesy of Time Equities)
1000M International Collection interior (Rendering by Millerhare. Courtesy of Time Equities)

If you watch House Hunters International, or avail yourself of Airbnb overseas, you know that people in Europe and Asia have a different definition of “spacious” than we do. Those are the exact markets that the International Collection is after.

Kara Mann, interior designer of 1000M (Courtesy of Time Equities)
Kara Mann, interior designer of 1000M (Courtesy of Time Equities)

To that end, the interiors, designed by Kara Mann, have space-saving kitchens along one wall, and built-in closets.

You’ll remember that the rest of the building was designed by Helmut Jahn and includes an additional 288 luxury condominiums, a winter garden on the 72nd floor, a coworking space, a library, a private dining room, a music conservatory, and in what might be a trio of firsts for a Chicago skyscraper: a golf simulator, both hot and cold plunge pools, and a salt therapy room.

Residents of the International Collection have full access to all of those amenities and more.

Will micro apartments for the mega wealthy work? Right now the answer seems to be somewhere between “maybe” and “yes.” Twenty of the units, which start at $313,000, have already been sold. And moving 15% of your inventory before sales have officially begun can be described as a good sign.

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