Team Retreat Available for Architects, Designers, Artists

Sometimes we all need a break from the workplace while still working.  For Olympic skiers, it’s a new mountain. For cops, it can be a different beat. For day traders it’s the Starbucks on Rush Street.

The Ragdale gate (Courtesy of the Ragdale Foundation)
The Ragdale gate (Courtesy of the Ragdale Foundation)

If you have a team at your firm that needs to get out of the architecture studio and into a different studio to recharge, Ragdale may be just the working retreat you need.

The Lake Forest art colony is taking applications from architects, designers, and artists for a team design-build studio residency.

If your submission wins, you and up to nine other people get an 18-day residency and $15,000 to build your submission.  That also includes a studio, housing, and three squares a day from the end of May to the middle of June.

If your team could benefit from getting out of your comfort zone for a fortnight or so, check out for more information.

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